World’s first BSC-based Decentralized Hedge Fund

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5 min readMay 19, 2021


ANT TROOP is Decentralized Hedge Fund that invests in various funds in the Cryptocurrency market and distributes profits in BUSD to ANTT holders.

DeFi; enabled people without access to traditional financial systems to do their financial work. Now, the adaptation process of classical financial instruments on DEFI has begun. ANT TROOP brings together small balances of cryptocurrency investors and creates a Decentralized Hedge Fund.

Why should I choose ANT TROOP?
Community power is very important in cryptocurrency ecosystem. ANTT offers a transparent and optimal investment plan. It is very difficult for small balance holders to access any Seed or Special sale opportunities alone. That’s what ANT TROOP is for.

ANT TROOP offers small balance holders the opportunity to make advantageous early investments.

How does ANT TROOP invest?

  • It invests in warranty allocation layers of Launchpad platforms.
  • It participates and invests in IDO launches of major stock exchanges from the upper layers.
  • It invests in Seed and Private sales of projects that will newly join the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • It invests in high stakes DEFI pools.
  • And more diverse funds…

ANTHILL distributes the profit to be generated as a result of early purchase and correct stake investment to its owners at certain rates.

How ANT TROOP works. What is ANTHILL?

ANT TROOP brings together small balances of cryptocurrency traders.

ANTHILL: This is where ANTTs will be locked.

In the beginning there are 2 ANTHILLs. The number of ANTHILL will increase as ANT TROOP becomes financially stronger.

Each ANTHILL has 3 layers.

Tier 1 shares 15% of the snow pool.

Tier 2 shares 35% of the snow pool.

Tier 3 shares 50% of the snow pool.

Each layer is capable of 125 unique addresses and the amount of ANTT that can be locked is fixed.

Tier 1 = 125 investors X 15,000 ANTT = 1.875,000 ANTT

Tier 2 = 125 investors X 35,000 ANTT = 4,375,000 ANTT

Tier 3 = 125 investors X 50,000 ANTT = 6.250.000 ANTT

There are 2 different locked waiting period for ANTHILL

Locked waiting periods are independent of each other.

First locked waiting period depends on the date you deposited the last ANTTs. There are penalties unlocking for early:

30% in less than 10 days

25% in less than 20 days

20% in less than 30 days

10% in less than 60 days

5% in less than 90 days

0% after 90 days

Second locked waiting period; Explains in which date range ANTTs must be locked in ANTHILL to take advantage of profit distribution. Usually there will be periods of about 10 days.

First locked waiting period is about ANTTs in ANTHILL.

Second locked waiting period is about whether you can qualify for the profit that will be generated.

In order to benefit from profit distribution, it is sufficient to be within the time interval announced in ANTHILL. (Second locked waiting period)

Even if you exit ANTHILL when the second time expires, you will receive your profit. Just pay attention to the FIRST locked waiting period, the amount of ANTT you can withdraw will be determined according to this period.

You must withdraw the profit within announced period. Usually 2 days.

An Example: A real platform and a past project

(Let 1 ANTT = 0.01 BUSD)

Step 0

  • Launchpad platform BSC….
  • Next launchpad XXX Token
  • Time interval for ANTTs to be locked in ANTHILL is January 1–10 (03.00 UTC)

Step 1 — ANTT locking process is done

Tier 1 = 125 X 15.000 ANTT = 1.875.000 ANTT (15.0000x0.01=150$investment per person.)

Tier 2 = 125 X 35.000 ANTT = 4.375.000 ANTT (35.000x0.01=350$investment per person.)

Tier 3 = 125 X 50.000 ANTT = 6.250.000 ANTT (50.000x0.01=500$investment per person)

Step 2 — XXX token purchased is sold by ANT TROOP financial professionals at target price. Profit obtained is distributed in BUSD proportional to ANTHILL tiers.


  • 0.8 BNB guarantee allocation has been received.
  • XXX tokens are sold at target price.
  • A balance of 11,500 $ is reached. From this balance,
    processing fee (1%), rate of ANT TROOP team (5%) and the principal capital are deducted. (1 BNB = 575 $)

1% + 5% + 0.8 BNB = 115 + 570 + 460 = 1145 $

11.500 -1145 = 10355 $ amount to be distributed to ANTHILL.

(Tier 1) 1553 $ / 125 ANTT holder = 12 $ share per person
(Tier 2) 3624 $/ 125 ANTT holder = 28 $ share per person
(Tier 3) 5177 $/ 125 ANTT holder = 41 $ share per person

Profit distributions from only 1 IDO to ANTHILL tiers take place in this way. Launchpad platform described in example performs an average of 4 IDOs in 1 month. When the per capita profit share is multiplied by 4, a realistic profit simulation will be achieved.

  • An investor who locks 15.000 ANTT in Tier 1 will have made an estimated 48$ profit in 1 month. (15.000x0.01 = 150 $ investment per person.)
  • An investor who locks 35.000 ANTT in Tier 2 will have an estimated 112$ profit in 1 month. (35.000x0.01 = 350 $ investment per person.)
  • An investor who locks 50.000 ANTT in Tier 3 will have made an estimated 164$ profit in 1 month. (50.000x0.01 = 500 $ investment per person.)

Contract address: 0x23f2388b738aefc8f3531ee645a0997f71834000

Token Specification (BSCS — BEP20) 500.000.000 ANTT
- Seed sale (4%): 20,000,000 ANTT
- Private-sale (2%): 10.000.000 ANTT
- IDO (25%): 125.000.000 ANTT
- Liquidity (15%): 75.000.000 ANTT
- Ecosystem (14%): 70.000.000 ANTT
- Team (15%): 75.000.000 ANTT
- Advisor & Partnership (15%): 75.000.000 ANTT
- Marketing (10%): 50.000.000 ANTT

What is Ant Troop’s effective power? Why will it be successful?

The most important strength of ANT TROOP is that there is no link between ANTTs locked in investment capital.

When ANTHILL is locked, ANTT never moves. Only traders can lock and withdraw. This is a huge advantage.

Here is our difference from the classic HEDGE FUND. ANT TROOP will make all its investments with its own capital.

We offer small capital owners the opportunity to seize big opportunities that seem unattainable!

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